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    Letter to GP’s and clients

    Dear Doctor and Client,

    Please find enclosed the up-to-date brochure for ‘Oakwood’ psychotherapy and counselling services. At ‘Oakwood’ we provide an agency based approach to the delivery of mental health services in the region, with sufficient and competent professionals available to deal with a broad range of referrals. We pride ourselves on our high standard of delivery as well as the competitive rates we offer our clients. We are now in our eleventh year of operating during which time we have dealt successfully with over 10,000 clients. We have continued to expand our team of associates and interns, resulting in a full complement of 24 staff providing up to 250 consultations each week. We thank you for your referrals in the past. We hope that you have been satisfied with our service and we look forward to our renewed contact in the future. Should you have any queries or feedback you might like to give us please do not hesitate to make contact by phone (0863718602) or email (


    Dr. Declan Aherne


    We regularly get requests from G.P.’s for C.B.T. ( cognitive behavioural therapy) for their patients. We would like to reassure you that our staff are trained in a range of therapeutic modalities with proven effectiveness, including C.B.T. In order to provide the best intervention possible and in keeping with best practice, we select the modality appropriate to the needs of the client having carried out a comprehensive assessment over a period of three consultations.

    ‘Oakwood’, No. 24, University Court, Castletroy, Limerick. Tel.: 086 / 3718602;


    ‘Oakwood’ Psychotherapy and Counselling

    12 good reasons why you might consider referring to ‘Oakwood’.

    1. Highly trained and qualified staff.

    2. A full range of psychotherapeutic modalities


    3. The immediate availability of appointments

    through our practice manager.

    4. Excellent on site clinical supervision.

    5. High level of personal attention and caring given

    to each patient.

    6. Psychometric assessment of all patients before

    and after treatment to assess progress.

    7. Written feedback to G.P. on patients progress.

    8. Low cost treatment.

    9. Confidentiality ensured.

    10. Excellent track record over ten years.

    11. Comfortable and safe environment.

    12. Ease of access and available parking facility.

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