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About Oakwood

about-oakwoodOakwood is a Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Consultancy based at No. 14/24/34 University Court, Castletroy, Limerick and can now refer to 47 qualified psychotherapists and psychologists.

Oakwood’s Therapists include Clinical Psychologists and Humanistic & Interpretive Gestalt Psychotherapists. This means that we deliver an Integrative Model of treatment drawing on the best of Cognitvie Behavioural Therapy and Humanistic / Existential treatments as appropriate for each of our clients. Family sessions can also be undertaken as appropriate.

Oakwood now has a full complement of 47 team members seeing up to 400 clients per week ensuring clients don’t have to wait long for an appointment.

Oakwood provides a professional psychotherapy service for adults and older adolescents presenting with a wide range of mental health difficulties including anxiety, panic, depression, eating difficulties, bereavement and loss, relationship problems, adjustment difficulties, behaviour problems, communication difficulties and other stress related issues. Oakwood has been in operation since 2005. Since then over 7,500 clients have attended our services, referred from over 60 G.P.s in the Mid-West Region. Feedback evaluation of our services shows that we have achieved a very high level of success and satisfaction from our clients during this period.

Clients may be self-referred or referred by their G.P. or others. Practitioners provide feedback to G.P.s following assessment and treatment, with the client’s permission.

All of our team are bound by their respective professional codes of ethics and practice and are all professionally indemnified accordingly.

Who will I see?

Great care is taken in ensuring that each client is allocated a therapist suitable to their needs. We aim to do this as efficiently as possible. We have a total of 47 intern and associate staff presently working at Oakwood, including psychotherapists and clinical psychologists. The practice manager, based on current available staff and in consultation with the Directors of the practice, will identify which staff member is best suited to deal with the presenting issues.

What type of Therapy do we provide?

Staff at Oakwood are trained in a wide range of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and humanistic and integrative psychotherapies. The specific approach adopted with any one client will be based on an assessment of the clients needs and what we consider the most appropriate and helpful way of working with this person. Our treatment interventions are based on the most up to date evidence for the treatment of psychological problems.

‘Oakwood’ Psychotherapy and Counselling

12 good reasons why you might consider referring to ‘Oakwood’.

1. Highly trained and qualified staff.

2. A full range of psychotherapeutic modalities provided.

3. The immediate availability of appointments through our practice manager.

4. Excellent on site clinical supervision.

5. High level of personal attention and caring given to each patient.

6. Psychometric assessment of all patients before and after treatment to assess progress.

7. Written feedback to G.P. on patients progress.

8. Low cost treatment.

9. Confidentiality ensured.

10. Excellent track record over ten years.

11. Comfortable and safe environment.

12. Ease of access and available parking facility.


We regularly get requests from G.P.s for C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for their patients. We would like to reassure you that our staff are trained in a range of therapeutic modalities with proven effectiveness, including C.B.T. In order to provide the best intervention possible and in keeping with best practice, we select the modality appropriate to the needs of the client having carried out a comprehensive assessment over a period of three consultations.